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Skyway Camping Resort Parkway Model
Skyway Camping Resort Parkway Model
Skyway Camping Resort Parkway Model
Skyway Camping Resort Parkway Model

Enjoy a Luxurious Escape to the Outdoors

It feels like a world away but it only takes two hours to get from New York City to Skyway Resort in Greenfield Park, NY. An outdoor resort complete with the ultimate in amenities such as hot tub spas, swimming pool and scenic views. We are a mountain oasis nestled in the very heart of the Catskills / Hudson Valley region. Park model living at Skyway Resort is truly an escape from your everyday life. It’s the place where you can relax & enjoy yourself. We are the perfect summer weekend spot for those who reside in the metro tri-State area.

Park models are a unique form of recreational vehicle. Ordinary RVs are made for traveling, however park models are designed to stay mostly in one place. Think of a park model trailer as a moveable resort cottage.

Park models are constructed to precise industry codes and standards and can be found in a stunning variety of layouts and configurations. Many floor plans include optional features which enable you to customize the space into the vacation home of your dreams.

When you come to visit our park model resort you’ll see all sorts of layouts, porches, lofts, covered patios & storage rooms. Park models have the legal status of qualifying as a second home with appropriate eligible deductions.

Think that a highly customized vacation home in a scenic resort is out of your reach financially? With purchase prices starting at only $39,995, you would most certainly be wrong!

Park models provide a luxury of comfortable accommodations complete with your home-like comforts while giving you an authentic outdoor experience. Every square inch is designed with you in mind. Enjoy the spacious interiors, roomy bedrooms, lofts and full kitchens with full-sized appliances.

These durable park models are built to withstand all types of weather and are perfect for three-season use. Park models also have a life expectancy far beyond conventional RVs. With real vinyl siding and shingled roofs, they’re much easier to maintain as well.

If you are looking for a downsized living option in New York or a seasonal camping escape home, the park model will give you all of the comforts you desire at Skyway Camping Resort in Greenfield Park, New York.

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Skyway Camping Resort Park Model Skyway Camping Resort  Park Model Skyway Camping Resort Park Model