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Skyway Camping Resort Seasonal Camping Shuffleboard Court
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Skyway Camping Resort Seasonal Camping Group
Skyway Camping Resort Seasonal Camping Pool Party

Seasonal Camping at Skyway – Your Three-Season Vacation Home in the Catskills!

Imagine a vacation home that you can use for three full seasons—from May through October—that includes all the amenities of a resort: pools, spas, sports courts, boating, fishing, golf, social activities, and more. Seasonal camping at Skyway is a great alternative to owning a summer home, whether you bring your own RV, rent our luxury Baypoint RVs, or own a park model cottage.

There are so many reasons to consider three-season camping at Skyway!

1. More time to camp
Seasonal camping means having dozens of mini-vacations, from May through October. Our luxury Catskills camping resort is only two hours from New York City. And since you’re close to home, you can get here quickly, open the door, and immediately begin enjoying yourself. Everything is right where you leave it.

2. Less maintenance to worry about
There are no groundskeeping expenses at Skyway, and no security concerns while you’re not there. With seasonal camping, there is no need for expensive property improvements for electric, water, and sewerage systems. What’s more, seasonal sites are property tax free, but equipment payments can be tax deductible, like a mortgage.

3. Built-in social network
A Skyway seasonal site offers a great social life for you and the whole family. It’s the perfect environment to meet new people with similar interests. Seasonal camping families often share meals, trips, sports, and day expeditions. Social ties frequently extend through the off-season. Winter outings and getaways between seasonal families are common.

What you don’t have to worry about:
• Having a tow vehicle to pull your RV from location to location
• Maintenance, groundskeeping, and security
• Property taxes
• Opening, closing, covering, and winterizing your unit. Our service department does it all!

Make Skyway Camping Resort your spring, summer, and fall home away from home. Enjoy the RV lifestyle without the hassles – starting at only $3,800.00 for the 2019 season, May 5th until Columbus Day in October.